Do you like the way your relationship is going? Ever feel like you wish you could just take your relationship to the shop to see how it’s working, get an overhaul or alignment, or a little tune-up?  I have good news for you…. YOU CAN! 

​​Take the customized Prepare/Enrich inventory to see a snapshot of your relationship. Learn the specific areas you need to grow in order to make your relationship better. This tool is for couples that are dating, engaged (pre-marital), married or remarried.

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Areas That Will Be Explored:

Areas That Will Be Explored:

Content Areas Explored


Navigate With Purpose and Direction

Couples, Individual and Family Therapy

Areas That Will Be Explored:

Areas That Will Be Explored:

  • Understand and empower couple strengths

  • Communication: Learn solutions that meet the needs/desires of both partners

  • Conflict: Learn why it is healthy and how to negotiate and resolve conflict​

  • Finances: Strategies for understanding, agreement, and meeting goals​

  • ​Sex: Learn the connection between emotional and physical intimacy

  • Roles: Individualized “teamwork” strategies

  • Spirituality: Values and beliefs that provide meaning to life

  • Closeness and flexibility: Learn your patterns and map your relationship

  • Parenting: Creating a balanced family

  • Personalities: Learn the value and SCOPE of your individual personalities​

  • ​Achieving your goals: Obstacles and keys to planning and achieving